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We provide Integrated Marketing Communication solutions that boosting business growth for enterprises through digital channels.
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JAMstack Vietnam's Capabilities

Leading with latest trends, we harness the power of technology to solve problems and pave the way for enterprises’ digital capability development.
Business Growth Strategy
Business Growth Strategy
Researching and proposing customized digital marketing and communication campaigns to maximize business performance.
User-centric Approach
User-centric Approach
Crafting strategies based on needs analysis, gaining insights on each target segment, delivering real value motivating customers along the purchase journey.
Aligned Partners
Aligned Partners
Stemming from a mindset of partnering with businesses, we build practical technological solutions - tackling business challenges and boosting operational efficiency.

Way to
tackle issues

Website struggles to increase traffic
Website struggles to increase traffic
Our approaches:
  • Enhance website presence across platforms
  • Accurately identify target audience to website
  • Own top ranking on search results
Website has low conversion
Website has low conversion
Our approaches:
  • Redefine communication plan relating with website
  • Engage the most valuable audience to the business
  • Optimize conversion points on website
High cost per potential lead
High cost per potential lead
Our approaches:
  • Re-evaluate advertising campaigns
  • Refine targeted ads
  • Maximize advertising ROI
Unclear communication message
Unclear communication message
Our approaches:
  • Identify core branding elements
  • Determine intended brand messaging
  • Build brand communication campaign plan
Managing channels drains resources
Managing channels drains resources
Our approaches:
  • Define business and communication goals
  • Build throughout integrated channel communication plan
  • Execute, govern and measure channels continually
Social media content falls flat
Social media content falls flat
Our approaches:
  • Define consistent content pillars per channel
  • Standardize visual identity across channels
  • Produce highly interactive content

How we boost business growth by Digital Marketing

Boost website traffic
Boost website traffic
  • SEO Service
  • Local SEO Service
  • eCommerce SEO Service
  • Content Marketing Service
Strategize and govern effective advertising campaigns
Strategize and govern effective advertising campaigns
  • PPC Magement Service
  • Social Adversting Service
  • Programmatic Adverting Service
Amplify brand messaging across digital channels
Amplify brand messaging across digital channels
  • Brand Strategy & Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Refresh & Rebranding
  • Brand Media
  • Brand Communication
  • Community
Drive engagement on Social media channels
Drive engagement on Social media channels
  • Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • Social Content Production
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management & Listening
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Our working

01. Business Analysis

Evaluate current business, marketing and communications situation, clearly define requirements and goals. From there, design strategies to help solve business growth challenges.

02. Approach

Based on market, customer, product research activities, understanding users, etc., to develop key ideas that properly solve business challenges.

03. Execution

Make detailed deployment plans on Digital Communications channels. Activities will be executed in phases, aligned with the strategy and solving campaign objectives.

04. Tracking & Optimization

Deploy measurement tools consistently throughout campaign activities. To have the most intuitive view of effectiveness and have suitable optimization solutions.

About marketing development service

In this article, we will delve into the marketing solutions provided by JAMstack Vietnam, exploring how businesses can leverage these strategies to enhance business efficiency and effectively reach their target audience at optimal costs.

1. Is Implementing a Marketing Strategy Easy or Difficult?

Implementing a marketing strategy can be considered either an easy or difficult task depending on various factors, such as communication goals, business size, and whether the business already has a marketing team.

First, it is important that businesses do not "take on" too much if the scale and staff do not permit. This can lead to low job performance due to focusing on too many tasks.

When a business's staff is insufficient to meet communication strategy demands, focusing on core business activities and outsourcing marketing services can be a reasonable choice. This saves time and resources while ensuring both business and communication tasks are effectively handled.

Additionally, maintaining a quality marketing team is a significant challenge and can be costly. Ensuring that team members have the necessary knowledge and skills is essential, along with providing the resources and tools they need to perform effectively. There also needs to be strict management to ensure marketing activities are conducted as planned and reliably.

In summary, if a business does not have a professional marketing team or sufficient staff to handle all marketing communication tasks, implementing a marketing strategy is very challenging.

2. When Should Businesses Implement Marketing Services?

If your business is facing the issues below, it's time to seek out a marketing solutions provider for assistance.

2.1 Difficulty Developing Communication Channels

This common situation arises when businesses struggle to develop communication channels such as websites, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and others. Despite significant efforts, the desired results are not achieved. Utilizing marketing solution services in this case can help improve and optimize your communication channels for better reach and interaction with the target audience.

2.2 Poor Quality of Communication Materials

If the content on your communication channels is not up to standard and does not clearly reflect the brand identity, it can negatively impact the business image and lead to poor business performance. Collaborating with marketing solution providers can enhance the quality of communication content, create a positive impression on customers about the brand, and increase business opportunities.

2.3 Insufficient Resources to Maintain and Develop Communication Channels

If internal staff is not sufficient to effectively implement communication strategies, businesses should consider using external services. Partnering with a marketing agency can fulfill all needs regarding resources and skills to efficiently implement and maintain communication channels.

2.4 Lack of an Appropriate Communication Strategy

For businesses struggling to define their brand communication direction, partnering with a marketing solution provider is an effective option. These providers can advise and suggest communication strategies that align with business goals and target customers, helping to increase engagement and reach with the target audience more effectively.

JAMstack Vietnam's Marketing Solutions to Drive Business Growth

JAMstack Vietnam offers a range of marketing and online business solutions to help businesses foster growth. Let's explore some of the solutions we provide.

3.1 SEO Marketing

One of the key solutions is a comprehensive SEO strategy. When a website does not rank well in search results, it leads to limited traffic and a significant loss of potential customers.

To address this issue, we are committed to providing effective and optimized marketing solutions, including:

  • Conducting research and gathering information about customers and the target audience, to optimize content and on-page elements effectively.

  • Implementing appropriate web optimization strategies and online SEO marketing.

  • Assisting businesses in rebuilding communication plans and website development strategies, ensuring the website becomes a crucial marketing tool.

  • Proposing solutions for reaching and engaging the target audience, increasing website traffic, and creating business opportunities.

  • Analyzing and optimizing conversion points on your website to increase customer conversion opportunities.

3.2 Social Media

Over 71% of social media users make purchase decisions, spending on average more than 33% of their internet time on these platforms. This is why many businesses, regardless of size, are heavily investing in social media marketing as a key digital marketing solution.

Reasons to implement a social media marketing strategy today:

  • Quickly reach target customers.

  • Effectively build brand awareness.

  • Maintain customer loyalty.

  • Encourage customers to purchase and continue using services.

  • Develop a wide and unlimited new customer base.

With JAMstack Vietnam's social media services, your business can start building brand awareness and generating revenue from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. We will help businesses create content, manage social media (e.g., Facebook fan page, TikTok), and enhance communication on social media channels with well-planned and clearly directed content from the outset.

3.3 Digital Ads

JAMstack Vietnam provides solutions to enhance business efficiency and brand development through Facebook and Google ads, as well as other platforms like TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Google Advertising Services:

  • Selecting and optimizing keywords that align with purchase intent.

  • Creating attractive ad samples to attract clicks.

  • Setting up all necessary extensions to optimize click-through rates (CTR).

  • Creating negative keyword groups to eliminate irrelevant searches.

  • Monitoring and optimizing the entire advertising strategy, including website ads.

  • Using budgets effectively to save costs.

  • Google Ads and website advertising services promise top 1-4 positions in search results.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Services:

  • Effective implementation suited to each campaign phase (Facebook ads).

  • Cost optimization within the business's financial limits.

  • Editing content to comply with advertising policies.

  • Clearly identifying goals and potential target industries.

  • Continuously monitoring and optimizing ads.

  • Providing regular and transparent budget usage reports.

With advertising services on Google, Facebook, and other platforms like YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, JAMstack Vietnam is committed to comprehensive support to help businesses achieve optimal results in their marketing strategies.

3.4 Marketing Automation

Our multi-channel marketing automation solution helps businesses optimize their digital marketing strategies and enhance customer relationship management and connection.

Our solution provides multi-channel tools to interact with customers, from email marketing to social media ad campaigns and text messaging.

Exceptional multi-channel marketing solutions include:

  • Retargeting: Enhance retargeting campaign effectiveness by providing relevant content at the right time. Synchronize data between social media and Google audiences to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Live Chat: Address customer issues immediately with live chat integration directly into your website.

  • Push Notifications: Build strong customer relationships by sending personalized push notifications. Integrating push notifications into your cross-channel strategy will drive conversions and instantly engage with your app.

  • Email Marketing: Use software designed to automate email sending, ensuring timing and accuracy without manual intervention.

  • SMS Marketing: Delight your customers with personalized, timely, and contextual SMS marketing strategies.

3.5 Communication & Brand Development for Businesses

We provide businesses with consultation and implementation of the most effective and optimal marketing solutions tailored to each stage of business development, including:

  • Diverse communication solutions to enhance brand recognition and reach a large number of potential customers.

  • Multi-channel business solutions, leveraging various communication and business channels.

  • Comprehensive communication services, including various service and product types, to meet business communication needs.

  • Brand marketing solutions with unique market characteristics.

  • Digital business solutions, utilizing technology and digital techniques to improve business efficiency and achieve significant advancements.

  • Comprehensive services for businesses in building, managing, and optimizing e-commerce channels, maximizing profits from the e-commerce environment.

The innovative online marketing solutions incorporating advanced technology, developed with understanding and collaboration by the JAMstack Vietnam team, will elevate and develop your brand, making a strong impression in the market.

4. Benefits of Choosing a Comprehensive Marketing Solutions Provider

4.1 Hands-On Experience Across Multiple Industries

With practical experience across diverse sectors and industries, we have had the opportunity to collaborate and implement standout digital marketing strategies for notable brands such as Rang Dong Store, Apollo Silicone, AECIS, Nasushiobara, AVT, Cuong Duyen, TSA, and many others. This positions us confidently to deliver a comprehensive and flexible strategy that meets all requirements and optimizes deployment costs for businesses in various sectors.

4.2 Tailored Consulting and Solution Proposals

For each project, we conduct thorough research and develop entirely bespoke marketing and communication solutions. We are committed to designing each campaign uniquely, tailored to the specific objectives of the project, ensuring breakthroughs and market prominence amidst competition.

4.3 Data-Driven Technology

We leverage advanced data-driven technologies to support effective marketing and communication campaigns. This approach enables us to provide optimal solutions based on real data insights and trends, delivering the highest efficiency for businesses. Our marketing decisions and strategies are founded upon precise and reliable data.

5. Conclusion

With a team of experienced consultants and strategists in marketing, we are confident in our ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business across diverse industries. This is evidenced by our successful collaborations with major brands such as Rang Dong, Apollo Silicone, AECIS, Nasushi Obara, Cuong Duyen, TSA, and more.

Contact us today for consultation and pricing from our expert team. With a commitment to partnering in the development of your business, we believe that JAMstack Vietnam will be a trusted partner on your path to success.

Representative official office
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Representative office: Unit 4-Floor 3 Block B Jamona Heights, 210 Bui Van Ba Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Tax identification number: 0316311107 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on June 4, 2020.
Email: hello@jamstackvietnam.com
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