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A Dong ADG

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tong quan A Dong

Project Overview

A Dong ADG is a leading enterprise supplying plastic resins in the Vietnam market. As part of the brand image innovation strategy, A Dong has cooperated with JAMstack Vietnam to build a new website emphasizing eye-catching visual experiences, inspirational content, and smooth animation.

A Dong website touches users' hearts when it stands out for A Dong's style, culture, and people. Since there, it evokes the image of a plastic business that is very poetic, dynamic, and special compared to any brand in the market.

A Dong ADG
trang chu A Dong
Brand Concept A Dong mobile

Brand concept

We "breathe" into the website the breath of old Saigon with nostalgia, but it's still very modern and youthful, like the people and culture of A Dong. The overall website is a harmonious combination of lines of images, sounds, and colors of the brand, and the words are polished and strongly inspired.
nen phong chu va mau sac
qua choi
Typography & color
vien anh phong chu va mau sac
The sans serif font is clear and easy to read.
mau chinh A Dong
khung chu
EB Garamond
The serif font is neat and emotional.
mau phu A Dong
vien A Dong
anh nen trang chu

Trang chủ

A Dong homepage is the brand overview interface, giving users the first impression of a style separate from other plastic industry websites. Thanks to the complete and well-organized navigation system, users can easily explore other pages on the website.
Trang chu tren thiet bi
anh la
A Dong's
Through "story-telling," we guide readers through the formation and development of A Dong ADG. The content circuit and images are carefully designed and emotionally rich, allowing readers to experience the A Dong's story as vividly as possible.
cau chuyen A Dong desktop

Business philosophy

JAMstack Vietnam brings the core values and principles of cooperation built by A Dong ADG into the business philosophy page to help users better understand the foundation of forming a solid brand as it is today.
triet ly kinh doanh desktop
van hoa va con nguoi A Dong mobile

A Dong's culture and people

We create a library of synchronous frames in terms of proportions and styles to provide viewers with an interesting visual experience when "visiting" A Dong's workspace and activities.
anh nen san pham
danh muc san pham cha


We plan more than 350 plastic resin codes for each product category and filter by attribute and application to help users quickly search for products according to practical needs.
danh muc san pham con
anh nen gia tri thuong hieu

Increase brand value

The website has become a vital brand foundation of A Dong ADG on digital channels, providing helpful information about the business and making an essential contribution to the branding strategy.
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
a dong showcase
ShowCase Á Đông
Background Footer A Dong
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Representative office: Unit 4-Floor 3 Block B Jamona Heights, 210 Bui Van Ba Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Tax identification number: 0316311107 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on June 4, 2020.
Email: hello@jamstackvietnam.com
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