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PCS Vietnam

tong quan PCS

Project overview

PCS Vietnam is leading reputable pest control service provider in Vietnam. However, PCS does not have an optimized website for interface and scheduling functions.

Understanding the business needs, JAMstack Vietnam has designed a logic website that proportionable to brand position. Moreover, we focus on the values they want to bring to the community by compiling and building the first completed and detailed encyclopedia of insects in Vietnam.

PCS Vietnam
tong quan PCS
giai phap thiet ke PCS

Design solution

A clear layout with Inter and Kanit fonts helps simplify reading content on multiple devices.

Green, black, and white tones consistently adapt to the brand identity, creating a safe, clean, and professional feeling. Moreover, the synchronized icon set and visual illustrations between sections make an impressive online experience for users.

phong chu
mau chu
giai phap noi dung PCS

Content solution

Content is structured completely on purpose according to the target audience (B2B and B2C). Through the logic navigation sitemap system to optimally support user needs, the user experience also increases in proportion to the lead conversion rate.

giai phap noi dung
giai phap noi dung mobile

Household Homepage

The homepage is responsible for the main navigation on the website aimed at the target individual customers. As a result, the content built on this interface revolves around the need to use the Household service.
trang chu ho gia dinh mobile

Insect control for home

We design the content of insect control services according to a logical structure: from perspective, signs to prevention and treatment. Particularly, the protection combo packages are integrated with control services according to the family's needs, making it easy for customers to choose.
bach khoa con trung mobile
tu van mobile
kiem soat con trung mobile
Businesses Homepage
The business homepage directly navigates the B2B customer target to the right business majors. As a result, customers quickly find the correct and effective solution.
trang chu doanh nghiep

Insect control for businesses

We manage the data of pest control services with mutual and segregated content for both interfaces. Therefore, the Business interface can exploit the Household interface content and additional information about the appropriate control plan for the B2B customer target.
ly do va cam ket doi tac va giai phap


JAMstack Vietnam builds detailed page content according to the point of view suitable for each field, from perspective to solution through services. As a result, customers can easily choose the right and most effective pest control service.
linh vuc
ho so nang luc

Field Detail

goc nhin va giai phap
goc nhin va giai phap
goc nhin va giai phap
dat lich tu van

Consultation schedule

The information fields on the booking form are built to suit two target customer groups. At the same time, information is connected to CRM Hubspot to manage, track and analyze customers, thereby improving business efficiency.

Encyclopedia of Insects

We have helped PCS Vietnam once again affirm its position as a leading expert by researching and translating the first in-depth online library of insects in Vietnam.
con trung mobile
kien thuc khoa hoc
back khoa con trung
con trung

Technology solution

Single Page Application (SPA) website development architecture
By applying the Single Page Application (SPA) technology, the PCS website has solved the problem of optimizing page loading speed despite having to process a vast data warehouse of insect documents, control services, and articles. .. In addition, with the ability to integrate and expand of SPA easily, PCS website can completely connect with 3rd parties to develop more advanced features to serve business goals of enterprises.
Administration system (Admin)
The administration system (admin) is built using Laravel Framework with a strong structure and special RESTful API handling feature compatible with Single Page App technology. As a result, the admin can easily set up the redirect link feature from the old website to the new website to ensure the accuracy of the links and SEO optimization; develop the feature to publish articles in bulk.
an tam trai nghiem


Representative official office
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Representative office: Unit 4-Floor 3 Block B Jamona Heights, 210 Bui Van Ba Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Tax identification number: 0316311107 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on June 4, 2020.
Email: hello@jamstackvietnam.com
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