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Global Office Paper PaperOne™

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Landing page

PaperOne™ is a globally recognized office paper brand, famous in over 70 countries, including demanding international markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan.

JAMstack Vietnam collaborated with Quoc Huy Anh Corp to build a landing page for PaperOne™ with detailed images and content, serving as a comprehensive catalog of premium and various office paper products. Thanks to this collaboration, the landing page affirms the strength of the APRIL and Quoc Huy Anh Corp partnership.

Quoc Huy Anh Corp
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About PaperOne™

PaperOne™ is a renowned brand of high-quality printing and writing paper produced by APRIL Group. Through its strong distribution network, Quoc Huy Anh Corp has made PaperOne™ a popular and widely-used office paper brand in Vietnam.
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ve Paper One
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consistent with brand identity

The website interface is designed to align with the brand's personality and values - high quality and safety - while ensuring a heightened brand identity and providing a friendly and impressive user experience.
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overall potential capacity

The PaperOne™ landing page has become one of the essential digital channels, providing helpful information about the product and affirming the sustainability of APRIL and Quoc Huy Anh Corp, contributing to enhancing the overall strength of the business in the market.
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