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Phuong Chinh Pharmacy

  • UX/UI Design
tong quan Phuong Chinh
Project overview

Intending to develop business on digital channels, Phuong Chinh Pharmacy has cooperated with JAMstack Vietnam to rebuild the website structure using SPA technology and develop more advanced functions specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

The fast page loading speed and convenient payment flow on the website have helped businesses completely solve the problem of customers needing to complete the shopping action.

Phuong Chinh Pharmacy
2023 (expectation)
tong quan Phuong Chinh


JAMstack Vietnam builds a set of design standards (Design system) with the goal of consistent user experience on the website interface and mobile devices.

This is a key factor in building website structure and developing a brand strategy on digital channels.

mau sac
Typography is built on a design system with clear standards for fonts and font sizes. The Roboto font without legs does an excellent job of visually presenting information, increasing professionalism, and has good visibility on most electronic devices. The green color palette is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry; when combined with hot colors to create prominence and stimulate shopping behavior in sales promotion program
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  • Medium
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Technology solution

giai phap cong nghe
JAMstack Vietnam develops Phuong Chinh Pharmacy eCommerce website based on SPA technology - a solution to optimize page load speed, and on-page SEO, easily integrate and scale through APIs.


The homepage is the centralized interface of the central navigation system of the entire website. Additionally, it develops content related to products and sales programs such as Flash sales and promotional banners to stimulate users to make shopping behavior right on the page.
trang chu Phuong Chinh

Product details

We built 2 detailed interfaces specifically for medical products and other product categories (functional foods, medical devices, etc.), navigating 2 different purchase flows.
san pham chi tiet san pham chi tiet mobile


The system adopts a one-page check-out, allowing users to complete a purchase on a single page without switching to other pages. This saves time and provides a better buying experience.
dat hang dat hang thanh cong

Optimize mobile experience

The product interface is designed to be compatible and optimized for mobile shopping behavior, increased visibility, page load speed, and SEO optimization for eCommerce websites.
san pham chi tiet thuc te tren thiet bi

Health corner

The news structure is easy to understand, and the interface integrates products and banner ads that effectively complement advertising campaigns and brand marketing.
tin tuc tin tuc chi tiet tin tuc theo danh muc
tong hop anh phuong chinh


Brand introduction

As a central information group, build credibility and increase coverage by introducing the store system and complete and timely customer support policies.
tra cuu benh

Search disease

The disease search page acts as an in-depth "encyclopedia" of body health, closely linked to the health corner article through tags. The article looking up disease has the same function as an article in the Health corner.
tra cuu benh


tra cuu benh

If you need advices
JAMstack Vietnam is ready to help!

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